Is It Time To Sell?

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Real Estate

Selling your home? There’s so much to think about!

A great agent is one who will immediately act for your best interest. A listing agent is going to take you from selling to sold with maximum benefit and profit for you. Their experience and knowledge of local areas and markets must be relevant and up to date with ongoing trends, current events, and opportunities in your neighborhood. Make sure your listing agent is your advocate. You’ll find the difference is quite remarkable compared to a realtor who only has their commission in mind. The right agent will deliver the results you want by negotiating on your behalf. Good agents will guide both the seller and buyer to a reasonable agreement. Be prepared for all sorts of offers, including the extremely low and incredibly difficult transactions.

What marketing tactics work best for my home?

Compete with the nearby listings and similar homes. Decide on your listing price by asking your realtor for market reports. Make sure you and your realtor agree on this price, as an overpriced home will sit on the market for much longer than wanted, or worse, not transition from for sale to sold.
Your realtor should know the best methods to bring the results you want to fruition. A strong marketing plan with print and digital mediums will help reach a broad audience across the multi-generational real estate market of 2018.

Why do I need Staging?

Declutter and depersonalize your home. Put away family photos, pack up as much as you can while still utilizing the space within your home. Prospective buyers want to see the house, not personal items or family heirlooms. Make room in your garage and patio if possible, to showcase the incredible amount of storage you have! Prepare the outside of your home for photos and tours by touching up exterior paint, power washing your roof and driveway, trimming hedges and making sure your lawn is neat and orderly.

Can I stay in the home during showings?

Leave the property showings to an agent. Potential home buyers may feel rushed or pressured with a seller’s presence in the home. Your realtor will provide you with a lockbox that will secure a house key so other agents can easily access the home.

An offer has been made, what's next?

Once an agreement has been reached by you and the buyer, Escrow is opened and then a title report is ordered by your agent. Buyers and sellers should work together and pick out the best date to close, when to pack and when to move in and unwind!
Be mindful of contingencies such as you (the seller) offering downpayment assistance or other contractual obligations, like appliances, spas and other fixtures requested in the purchase agreement.

Throughout this process, it is absolutely necessary to keep your home in the best shape possible. An appraisal and home inspection are absolute necessities and if they are not to the standards of the buyer and their loan requirements, the buyer may back out of the transaction and your home will be put back on the market.

Why should I choose The Warren Group?

We are able to provide you with a team of extremely experienced realtors, who have been in this profession for many generations. James Warren and Joyce Henderson deliver results for their clients without fail. They make the process of selling your home exceptionally easy. Sit back and relax, let the showings begin and get ready to pack up and move out!

If your home is ready to sell, it will sell in no time for the right price.